Ksander and Veatch et al.
Cossy Ksander
This is a genealogy and history of the Ksander family, and families related through marriage, descended from Matej Ksandr (1827-1908), who immigrated from Prague to Chicago in 1882 with wife Marie (Vesela) and most of their children.

The Ksanders, Jedlickas, Harvaneks, and Stolcparts intermarried between 1882 and 1915. Their stories echo the familiar immigrant experience of first marrying within the ethnic neighborhood, and then branching out as the younger generations marry with less allegiance to the old country. The Olsens and Andersons immigrated to Chicago between 1888 and 1912. These are all my in-laws, whom I quite enjoy.

You may want to check back here frequently. The Bohemians and Scandinavians of my husband’s family are complete for now. My grandparents are Veatch, Meyer, Jones and Root families. I have recently added my 1840s German and Welsh families, the most recent immigrants on my side of the family. Later, I will add the Scottish and English layers of my side, who tend to be 17th and 18th c. colonials.

If you find a relative here, I’d like to hear from you to share info and stories. In the Sources section, some sources include a 6-character code (3 alpha followed by 3 digits). The code indicates that I have written evidence for that source. Contact me if you are interested in a copy.
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